Thursday, 30 September 2010


Modern medicine has been able to cure myriad viruses that afflict us poor humans. But, despite our advances, it seems that we can't stop that age old disease Hyperbolitis from continually spreading, most notably amongst our politicians and media. The condition, which causes those infected to exaggerate everything they say beyond common reason, seems to currently be doing the rounds at Westminster. 

In a single news item on the BBC News web site yesterday (Danger warning over military cuts) several Tory MPs comments said there would be 'draconian cuts', 'grave consequences', 'serious damage, 'appalling leaks' and 'huge overspends', that they enjoyed the PMs 'tremendous support', and at one point, that someone-or-other would need 'the wisdom of solomon'. 

So I was glad to hear Ed Miliband call for a proper grown-up debate after being crudely labelled 'Red Ed' by one particular red-top. Alas though, he hadn't foreseen the spread of Hyperbolitis through his own party, as in the same news item Labour MPs were quoted in response as saying the letter was 'incredible' and that the government was 'in chaos'.

It's a strange disease, in that it only appears to manifest when people comment on others, and not their own situations. And until a cure is found it's hard to see how our politicians are ever going to be able to have that adult debate. But when the day comes when the docs give them the all clear and they do, I for one will think it's absolutely and totally stupendous.

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  1. I love the sharp wittiness that comes across so effortlessly when you write.
    I remember hearing the 'grave consequences' liner and thinking it rather novel-ish.
    But hey, what's wrong with a bit of exaggeration? I think it spices it all up a little. Otherwise it'd be like having chips, without the ketchup/salt/vinegar. It just adds a refreshing flavour..
    So ,critical question, are you an Ed or David fan?